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Objectives of HAKK

The specific objectives of HAKK are to provide national leadership to increase physical activity for the health of the Kenyan children and youth by:

  • Developing physical activity programs that will be used in schools and communities in Kenya.
  • Helping Kenyan children and youth make physical activity choices that are convenient, attractive and compatible with their needs and interests.
  • Collecting data on the physical activity levels and dietary habits of Kenyan children for monitoring, surveillance and research.Produce specialized reports (e.g. annual national report card on the Physical activity levels and dietary habits of Kenyan children) that will help service providers select target groups and interventions.Enhancing the development of social and physical environments that support the integration of physical activity into daily life.
  • Establishing a unit that monitors trends in physical activity and diet among Kenyan children and youth.
  • Work in collaboration with other stakeholders such as ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sport, World Health Organization, FIFA, IAAF, IOC among others in developing policies that will promote physical activity levels and healthy eating patterns of Kenyan children and youth.
  • Encouraging and assisting organizations and networks to act collaboratively to help Kenyan children make physical activity a part of their daily lives.
  • Monitoring physical activity knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of Kenyans as well as factors, which facilitate or impede access to physical activity opportunities.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of interventions, which are effective in changing physical activity knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Preparing proposals annually for funding to study various issues affecting physical activity levels and dietary patterns of Kenyan children and youth.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of the relationships between physical activity, healthy eating and a range of other health behaviors that contribute to or inhibit good health.
  • Network with African and other international experts to implement promising practices for research, surveillance and public health interventions.



Physical Activity and Active Transport (PAAT) Research Project began with the training of research assistants on data quality management i.e. data collection and quality control. This paved way for data collection.  PAAT involves four research locations: Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Canada. The Kenya site (Kenyatta University) serves as the coordinating centre for the project.

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