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International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment (ISCOLE) and the Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy Study (CAPL)

 KIDS-CAN researchers from Kenyatta University and the CHEO-HALO partnered to conduct a study that examined the influence of behavioural, physical, social, and policy environments on the relationship between lifestyle characteristics and weight gain in school aged children attending schools in Nairobi, Kenya. ISCOLE is a multi-national study that will collect data from 500 children in each of 12 countries representing five major regions of the world, including Kenya in Africa.

    The participating children, their parents, and a school contact were requested to complete questionnaires related to diet, lifestyle, neighbourhood, the home and school environment. Physical attributes of the children such as their body weight, physical activity, and dietary patterns were also directly measured using standardized procedures and questionnaires. Children participating in the ISCOLE study were also requested to participate in an additional study that focused on their physical education knowledge and skills. CAPL, an ancillary study, aims to help teachers, coaches, and other physical activity leaders learn the best ways of measuring how well children are doing in their physical and health education classes. The assessment included an obstacle course to measure jumping, running, hopping, catching, throwing and kicking skills; measurement of their hand grip strength; measurement of their core/abdominal strength; a measure of their flexibility; their running speed; and questions about physical activity and fitness.

   With all the pertinent Research Ethics Boards approvals obtained, a well trained research team recruited children from schools within Nairobi. Data collection started in February 2012, and ran through to November 2012. The premise is that the results of this study will provide important new information that will help in the development of lifestyle interventions to address childhood obesity that will be culturally relevant for populations across these countries. For more information about this study, please visit the KIDS-CAN website: http://www.haloresearch.ca/kids-can/. Watch for future publications from this important research on the KIDS-CAN and HAKK websites!



Physical Activity and Active Transport (PAAT) Research Project began with the training of research assistants on data quality management i.e. data collection and quality control. This paved way for data collection.  PAAT involves four research locations: Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Canada. The Kenya site (Kenyatta University) serves as the coordinating centre for the project.

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