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University of British Columbia-Kenyatta University (UBC-KU) Research Project

In 2011, a group of researchers from the University of British Columbia (W. Sheel, G. Foster, M. Koehle, B. Wilson) travelled to Kenyatta University to complete a project titled "Kenyan running: lungs, genes, sport and peace". This study was funded by the Martha Piper Research Fund of the University of British Columbia. This work was conducted in collaboration with colleagues from Kenyatta University (V. Onywera, M. Boit).

    The project consisted of two main parts. First, lab-based experiments were completed where detailed measures of the respiratory responses to exercise in elite Kenyan runners were studied. Importantly, this portion of the project involved the training of undergraduate and graduate students. One graduate student from Kenyatta University will fulfill a portion of his doctoral requirements from this work. Second, a sociological perspective on the "Run for Peace" event that took place in Iten (2008) was successfully carried out by B. Wilson.

     A number of resulting conference abstracts and manuscripts have been successfully submitted and accepted for publication. Two manuscripts, one on pulmonary mechanics and gas exchange during exercise in Kenyan distance runners, and the other on a study of the role of elite runners in sport for peace, were both accepted for publication in reputable journals. Further, W. Sheel completed a symposium submission to the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting, which will be part of their "featured science" seminar in Orlando in 2014.



Physical Activity and Active Transport (PAAT) Research Project began with the training of research assistants on data quality management i.e. data collection and quality control. This paved way for data collection.  PAAT involves four research locations: Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Canada. The Kenya site (Kenyatta University) serves as the coordinating centre for the project.

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